Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Panda Cloud AntivirusWindows: A good antivirus doesn’t necessarily have to be a system resources hogger. With Panda Cloud Antivirus your computer will be protected while keeping its performance intact. This popular antivirus has reached version 1.0 and remains a lightweight, easy security tool that does its job without nagging you with constant updates or desktop notifications.

Find out what that song isiPhone: Ever hear a song you like on the radio, on TV or at a party but don’t know what it’s called? Install Shazam on your iPhone and you can find out. Whenever you hear a tune you dig, simply hold your iPhone’s microphone to the speaker. Shortly after, as if by magic details of the song will appear in the Shazam interface, including the name of the song, the singer, and the album it appears on.

Thunderbird 3 Beta logoMac: You may have already switched from Safari to Mozilla’s Firefox. But are you ready to ditch Mail and try the developer’s Thunderbird mail client? Mozilla Thunderbird is Mozilla’s award winning and free solution to manage your mail more efficiently. And there are many advantages of switching to it too. Unlike Mail, it can handle virtual identities, create on-the-fly addresses and has one of the best spam filters out there.

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