Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Astro Avengers IIFancy a quick, fun game in the old Space Invaders style? Astro Avenger II puts you in control of a weapon-loaded spaceship with a clear aim: wipe aliens off your screen. A bunch of special bonus and power-ups will help you on the way, as you progress through stages and enjoy the game’s colorful graphics and never-ending explosions.

MouseposéWhen you make a presentation you want people to focus on areas of the screen that you’ve chosen. With Mouseposé you can highlight your mouseclicks and movements and all your keystrokes. This elegant application focuses a beacon of light on your cursor and shows all your keystrokes in big characters. Great to show how things are done on your screen.

Get the latest reports directly to your BlackberryWant to catch up with the latest news, stock reports and weather forecasts on your Blackberry? Then install Journal Bar, which automatically downloads and displays this information on your device. Because the app uses a specially compressed data stream, it minimises bandwidth so you can access things much quicker.

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