Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download PicasaWindows: My favorite app to manage photos is undoubtedly Picasa. Google’s great photo app has just hit version 3.6 with great new features, such as an improved tagging experience, the ability to geotag your images, an enhaced importing system and above all, the all new collaborative web photo albums.

Take notes on your Dragon DictationiPhone: If you need to get something noted down quickly it can often be better to dictate it. Not all of us have a personal secretary following us around though, and for these people Dragon Dictation could be the answer. This free app records your voice and converts it into text in a very simple fashion. After loading Dragon Dictation just click on the record button and start talking.

Episode EncoderMac: Formerly known as simply Episode and Compression Master, Episode Encoder is a superb tool for compressing and encoding video. In terms of speed, it’s one of the quickest encoders you’ll ever use and even better, it has a user friendly interface that makes managing and encoding video a pleasure. Episode Encoder is ideal for those who need to compress and distribute video via the Web, DVD, mobile phones and portable devices.

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