Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

BouncedowniPhone: Bouncedown is one of those games designed to help long journeys pass by much quicker. The object of Bouncedown is to survive for as long as possible without falling to the furnace below or knocking yourself on the spikes above. You do this by jumping down from platform to platform. There are different kinds of platforms that have different properties.

DiskTrackerMac: In this age of removal drives and external storage space, it’s very easy to lose track of where your data is located. Enter DiskTracker, a simple cataloging utility that helps you keep track of your offline files. If you have several removable media disks, DiskTracker is ideal because it will maintain a local directory of files on removable disks meaning you can search for files without actually having to insert the removable media.

Windows : TimeGT is a complete task management application that supports popular productivity improvement methods like the ones used by David Allen (Getting Things Done) or Stephen Covey (First Things First). It features a nicely designed interface that makes it a pleasure to use. All the basic information is visible at a glance, with small colorful icons that let you identify the most urgent tasks immediately.

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