Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Windows: It’s never too late to start using a password manager, and SplashID is probably one of the best alternativesDownload SplashID. This awesome tool will take care of all passwords, PIN numbers, web logins and any other secret codes you may use. The database is conveniently organized in categories and encrypted for maximum protection.

Family FeudiPhone: Family Feud (or Family Fortunes, as it’s called in the UK) is one of those game shows whose format never seems to tire. This iPhone version of Family Feud is perfect for fans of the show. Featuring the silky voice of presenter John O’Hurley and staged in a set true to the original show, the game sees you try to lead your family to glory against other families and scoop the $20,000 (fictional) prize money.

VVVVVVMac: Retro platform games are nothing new, but with VVVVVV, developer Terry Cavanagh has created a game that is truly special, and that easily stands alongside any of the early gaming greats. There is a story to VVVVVV – you’re a space captain, who has lost his crew in an accident. Teleported to a strange space craft, you must find your crew and escape. By pressing “V”, gravity is reversed and that’s where the real fun begins.

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