Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download BoxeeWindows: Computers are gradually becoming a multimedia center where you can share and enjoy photos, music and video, and one of the best apps to manage this content is Boxee. This awesome media center has just launched its first public beta, including nice new features: revamped interface, new global menu, a bookmarklet to add videos and performance improvements.

EchofoniPhone: Echofon is a popular Firefox extension and OSX application, and this iPhone version will sync with both of them, while offering the same functionality and good design. The free version is still packed with features. You can have multiple accounts, tweet photos or videos, link to a account so you can follow your stats, choose your image service and more.

The LevelatorMac: One problem with creating podcasts is getting the sound levels right. Professional DJs have sound engineers to make sure everything runs smoothly for them but for those operating on their own, it can be a real pain. The Levelator is a simple way of adjusting sound levels across all of your broadcasts so that they are the same. It adjusts audio levels within your podcast or just about any other audio file you like.

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