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Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Metin2Role-playing games are usually based on medieval iconography: dragons, trolls and magical spells. This is why Metin2, a martial arts RPG adventure, truly brings a breath of fresh air to this genre. Create a unique character and prepare to fight against enemies from ancient empires using a wide array of weapons, until you become the most powerful warrior in the ancient Orient.

ExpanDriveIf you work with remote servers you’ll find ExpanDrive of great utility. This application, built thanks to MacFUSE, can load SFTP servers straight on your Finder, just like if they were regular files and folders. The application is very responsive and much easier to work with than a traditional FTP client. An example of what the near future has in store.

Check the news on the moveHooked on RSS feeds? Don’t worry it is possible to tear yourself away from your machine and go outside while still keeping up with the latest news. SplashNews for Windows Mobile allows you to download the latest content from your favourite news site or blog in seconds – from anywhere. The program is free and you can add and delete as many feeds as you like.

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