Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download YugmaWindows: The problems with desktop sharing software is that it’s slow, expensive and usually supports only one platform. With Yugma, however, you have the chance to test an app that really works! Yugma is a cross-platform screen-sharing utility that lets you share your desktop remotely, hassle-free. It’s easy to set up and run, and incredibly stable as well.

MixeroiPhone: Want a more intelligent way to use Twitter? Mixero is a Twitter app for iPhone and computers that’s designed to get as much out of the popular social media too as possible. Mixero lets you set up channels based around Twitter searches, and check them like you would your home page. Say you want to follow football, simply add a channel with ‘football’ as the keyword and you’ll be able to follow the sport simply by hitting that channel.

LimewireMac: When it comes to P2P downloads there are a few heavyweight options to choose from, but LimeWire remains one of the most popular filesharing applications. This latest version 5.5.2 includes an updated interface for smoother navigation, faster BitTorrent downloads and improved performance.

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