Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Supreme Commander 2Windows: If real time strategy is your favorite videogame genre, you’re going to like this one. Supreme Commander 2 is an excellent real time strategy adventure that focuses on huge scale. Set in a future where three different humanity factions are at war, your aim is to build up and maintain a massive army, and of course, defeat your enemy!

snagit_thumbnail.jpgMac: One of the most popular screen capture tools for Windows, SnagIt has now been released in beta for Mac users to check out. OSX has screen capture built-in, so can a dedicated program offer anything extra? The answer to that is most definitely yes. SnagIt has a neat interface that sits at the edge of the screen, popping out when you scroll over it. Here you can take full screen, area or window captures.

Touch DJiPhone: Touch DJ is the first serious mixing app for the iPhone. It makes excellent use of the touchscreen to create a quite unique DJ-ing tool. This is a relatively expensive application at $19.99, but it’s a surprisingly powerful tool, packed with features. If you’ve used mixing software on a desktop computer, there is very little that you won’t find in Touch DJ.

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