Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Disk Space FanWindows: Wondering where all that hard drive space went? Find the answer with Disk Space Fan, a simple, effective hard drive analysis tool that scans your hard drive in a few minutes. Results are displayes in a nicely designed colorful chart you can browse until you find the largest files and folders, the ones which are eating up all the space disk… and act accordingly!

fringiPhone: Chatting on Skype, GTalk, Yahoo!, MSN, Facebook, etc. on your phone is great fun. But constantly switching between all these networks can get annoying and constantly logging in. fring is designed to change all that, providing you with a single platform, based on your mobile, where all of your online friends are available in one place. It allows you to make cheap, or even free calls over VoIP and even has videoconferencing support.

Cocktail logoMac: Although Macs are fairly self maintaining, a little TLC now and again won’t harm it. Cocktail (now updated to version 4.7.1) can do all your essential maintenance tasks from clearing your cache to controlling sleep times. There’s nothing new in Cocktail that you can’t do in Terminal but Cocktail makes it so much easier through an easy to use GUI.

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