Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download PandoWindows: If you ever need to share large files you know how difficult it can be. Luckily Pando can help you with it! This tool is based on a P2P network that enables you to send or receive files of up to a 1GB in size, via e-mail. The latest version Pando 2.3.3 features the new Pando Pro, channel episode queuing and enhancements to the P2P protocol.

QuadCameraiPhone: The iPhone’s camera is pretty cool, but the native camera app doesn’t really take full advantage. QuadCamera is one example of an application that does. The basis of the app is that it takes four pictures in quick succession, and creates one photo showing the four together, allowing you to capture a feeling of movement in a static image. You can alter the intervals between photos, and choose to take eight pictures instead of four.

Frostwire logoMac: Frostwire is a hidden gem among Peer to Peer (P2P) applications. Built on the Limewire code but free of any advertising, Frostwire is one of the most accessible and reliable P2P applications you will find, and it doesn’t annoy you with pop ups or ads asking you to buy stuff. The simple search bar, divided by category, makes it a breeze to browse for a file, whether it is a video, image, audio, or program.

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