Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

James Thornton


Final FantasyiPhone: Final Fantasy is the granddaddy of all adventure role playing games. Now the first part in the long running series is available for iPhone users to enjoy. Final Fantasy sees you take control of a group of four young adventurers, known as the Light Warriors. Their job is to work together to save their world by completing a series of quests, exploring, solving puzzles, acquiring weapons, and battling enemies in order to progress through the world.

Download Opera 10.50Windows: The so called browser war is getting tougher, with competitors always trying to offer the best features . Opera 10.50, the latest version of the popular app, is good proof of it. This new version includes new Javascript engine and graphic library for faster speed, improvements to Opera’s look and feel and private browsing.

2010-02-23-01-100x100.pngMac: One of the problems with teleconferencing software is that it either performs poorly, costs a lot of money, or only works on one platform. That isn’t the case with Yugma which is quite simply the best teleconferencing and screen sharing software I’ve tried. Yugma makes it extremely easy to conduct video teleconferences long distances and in this free version, there’s a generous allowance of up to 20 different users at one time.

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