Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download ChromeWindows: Internet Explorer and Firefox are no longer the main contenders in the so called web browser wars. Chrome is becoming increasingly popular, with loads of users adopting it as their first browser or switching to it from others. The latest update, Chrome, includes interesting translation tools and improved privacy features.

PicasaMac: If you’ve never liked iPhoto much then Picasa may well be the solution you are looking for for organizing your photos. All the accolades that apply to the Windows version apply to Picasa for Mac except of course, Picasa for Mac has all the polish and classy touches you’d expect from a Mac interface. Once you open Picasa, it will perform a full scan of images on your Mac which it then loads into the elegant viewer instantly.

MLB.comiPhone: The best way to follow the baseball season on your iPhone is by installing At Bat 2010. This app lets you listen to every regular and postseason game live, watch live streaming games via MLB.TV, and get pitch-by-pitch updates on gamedays. At Bat 2010 also includes a regularly updated news section containing all the latest information and gossip from the league.

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