Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download SteamWindows: Steam is an amazing game downloader and manager that gives you access to an impressive collection of titles from many important game developers. The new version of Steam has a much improved interface, with a better news stream and cleaner overall feel. It features a game wishlist, plus real time search and customizable categories for your game library.

Fox NewsiPhone: The FOX News app for iPhone gives you access to the latest news stories from the channel in the palm of your hand. You can use FOX News to check the latest headlines, stream live video of breaking news, listen to FOX News Radio, browse photo galleries, and watch FNC videos for free. It all comes packaged in a neat little interface – or rather two neat interfaces.

2t_spotify.jpgMac: Spotify is the undoubted future of how music will be distributed and listened to legally. It’s basically like having access to all the commercial music there is out there, in a format as elegant as on iTunes, but available to you wherever you go. Spotify is simple to use, beautifully presented, the amount of music available in unbelievable, quality of streaming is superb and it now even supports iTunes and social networking.

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