Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Hook your phone up to your PCSometimes it can be a real pain to connect your phone to your PC and get them to communicate with each other. Don’t worry though, because Oxygen Phone Manager provides you with a simpler and more effective way of linking your mobile with your Windows desktop. The app is simple to set up and lets you work with Phonebook, Calendar, To-Do Items, Profiles, Images, Melodies and Messages

VectorDesignerVector drawing is a great skill to master. You’ll be able to create all sorts of designs for stickers, posters, t shirts and the likes. VectorDesigner is just the perfect tool to work with vector drawing. It is easy to use, features all sorts of effects, filters and compositions and a Flickr browser to find images quickly.

Download Social.fmIf you’re tired of your music library, join the network and discover new styles! This tool mixes a music manager with a social networking site, producing an application you can use to manage your MP3 collection, stream music over the Internet, listen to other people’s music and make friends from all over the world.

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