Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download SafariWindows: Apple’s iconic web browser, available also for Windows, has been updated. The new Safari 5 is faster than ever, with better page caching and DNS prefetching. Other new features include a special Reader tool to view online articles, improved HTML5 support, a Bing option for the browser’s search field and new Safari Developer Tools.

 Bounce BulletiPhone: Bounce Bullet is a fun shooting game in which you must take out as many people as you can – with one bullet! It’s essentially a remake of the classic browser game, Ricochet Kills. You do this by bouncing shots off of walls and platforms to hit the standing stick men who are dotted around the screen. This latest major update includes three new types of enemy – mutants, ninjas, and ‘The Stumbler’.

1passwd_thumb.jpgMac: Keychain on Mac does a pretty good job of managing passwords but once you’ve tried 1Password you’ll probably never look back. If you’re tired of making up passwords to access sites or worried that your passwords are not secure enough, it really is invaluable. 1Password creates strong, unique passwords for you, then remembers and restores them all within your web browser and it now works with the latest version of Safari.

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