Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download iTunerWindows: If you use iTunes to listen to music but your keyboard doesn’t have media keys, controlling the playback can be a pain – unless you use iTuner. This awesome iTunes plug-in not only lets you control the player with customizable keyboard hotkeys, but also displays a desktop notification with each new song and gives you access to ratings and lyrics.

LogMeIniPhone: Want to remote control your computer from your iPhone? LogMeIn Ignition is an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you access your Windows or Mac OS X machine(s) while you’re away from base. And we don’t mean you can just see the files – the software actually displays your computer’s interface in real time and allows you to control it as if you were sat there!

2t_pulpmotion.jpgMac: Animations made with a couple of videos, pictures and music can really look great if you take the time to prepare them. PulpMotion gives you everything you need to prepare a stunning moving slideshow. It includes a number of visual themes you can choose from to start working with. The interface itself is very easy to handle working in a similar way to iMovie.

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