Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Photo Editor! If your pics just need some color adjustments, a bit of cropping here and there and maybe an easy light effect, there’s no need to use a mammoth editing suite. Simply get Photo Editor! and optimize your photos in no time. This app features some handy basic tools and is conveniently embedded in Windows Explorer, so that you can launch it from the image’s context menu.

WarpOne of the new features integrated in Leopard is Spaces, which lets you create separate spaces on your Mac to keep it tidy, like one for work and one for games. If you’ve gotten accustomed to working with Spaces, you might like this preference pane item. Instead of controlling your different spaces with your keyboard Warp lets you use your mouse. Dragging it to one side will show a preview of the space, and clicking on it takes you to it. Ingenious and easy to use!

Manage your time more effetivelyFancy having your own personal secretary on your phone? Then install Agendus, a mobile application designed to turn you into a more productive human being. The application combines the different standard applications such as address book, notepad, tasks and email, and supports data synchronization with Microsoft Outlook, via ActiveSync.

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