Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download PodmailingIf you’re tired of going through the pain of free file hosting sites, try Podmailing instead. This P2M client uses a combination of email and P2P protocols, enabling you to share big files in a really simple way. Just upload them with the Podmailing client and the addressees will get an email message to download it, either via web, BitTorrent or podmail. Easy as pie!

RoadMovieRoadMovie is a good batch encoder, if you want to handle a couple of videos at once. The application features a number of presets, to prepare for your iPod or PSP among others. RoadMovie supports subtitles and allows you to upload to the internet via protocols like like FTP, S3, .Mac or WebDav. An easy to use yet powerful new encoder for Mac!

Chat via IM on your mobileWho says you need to actually open your mouth when you’re on the phone? Whizzper allows you to instant message your buddies anywhere, anytime from any mobile device, with interconnectivity to MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Google Talk. You can even invite your friends for free! You may have to configure an internet connection for your phone if it’s not already set up, but Whizzper works out much cheaper than using SMS.

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