Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Image CompressorDigital photography is a great hobby. The only problem is the size of your photos, increasingly growing as cameras feature more and more megapixels. This is where Image Compressor comes in handy: an easy tool to reduce the size of your photos while their original quality remains untouched. If you want to share your images without space problems, this is your program.

Organise your life with SplashNotesIf you’re terrible at staying organised then perhaps you need a bit of a helping hand, in the shape of SplashNotes. This Windows Mobile application allows you to keep on top of things by managing notes and lists, attaching drawings and synchronising data between your mobile phone and your PC. Try it today and get your affairs in order.

DVD SnapToday Mac afficionados can lay their hands on DVD Snap a program which works in conjunction with your Mac’s DVD Player and lets you take a unique or sequential snapshots of a DVD being played. The program window can be resized and hidden away and DVD Snap will arrange and order all your images, so they can be easily found.

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