Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download Auslogics System InformationWould you like to know every single detail about your system? Download Auslogics System Information and you’ll be able to obtain a fully comprehensive report about your computer, including general data, performance analysis, installed drivers and devices, operating system properties and a lot more. Information is neatly organized into categories and can also be saved as an HTML, XML or plain text report.

quicksilver.pngBefore Spotlight and all the cool new Finder features in Leopard came around, what was the one program that Mac users couldn’t live without? Quicksilver is the answer! This multi-application launcher still remains one of the best designed and most useful Mac programs you can find, thanks to a powerful search tool and intelligent file actions.

Sync your SMS messages with GmailWith so many different modes of communication around these days it can often be difficult to keep track of correspondance. Once you have loads of SMS, MMS and email messages flying around it soon becomes impossible to remember who said what and when. Install Psiloc GySync on your Nokia phone, and you’ll be able to automatically archive all your SMS and MMS messages to your Gmail account, where they can be neatly grouped into threads.

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