Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Pool SharksWant to play a pool game? Download Pool Sharks and you’ll be able to join online pool and snooker games, and play against people worldwide, while having a chat with them. The game features very good-looking graphics and realistic movements that make you feel like you’re actually holding a cue.

PosterinoPosterino is a Mac program that allows you to create fun posters or postcards out of your pictures. It’s really easy to use and a little different to the traditional printing options found in iPhoto. Although not too advanced, the tools available achieve good results. Don’t just let your photos sit in your Mac and make good use of them!

Follow F1 on your mobileIf you’re a fan of motorsport and are keen on keeping track of this season’s Formula One Championship then get yourself a copy of Formula 1 Season 2008 for your Pocket PC. This free app provides you with a wealth of information, including the calendar, tracks, cars, teams and drivers. Be sure to download the program update after every race, for up-to-date stats!

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