Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

FarFinderNeed to safely access your files over a remote connection yet worried about how difficult it may be to set up? Not to worry, FarFinder offers a simple Finder interface which can be easily accessed from anywhere. The application will generate a simple URL which will give you access to your folders. The best thing about it? The special interface for the iPhone.

Download SysInternals SuiteWith a package of system utilities like SysInternals Suite you’ll always have the right app for every need. This complete collection of tools enables you to have full control over your system, including running processes, DLL files, presence of malware and much more. Just unzip it into any folder and you’re ready to go!

Choose a folder to save files via BluetoothBluetooth is great for quickly transferring files wirelessly, but one of the things that annoys me about the transfer protocol is that when you send a file or document from one device to another, the file always ends up in the same folder on the receiving device. Step forward moBlue, a free Pocket PC application that lets you set the folder to save Bluetooth-sent files.

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