Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download eMule 0.49a Beta 1After eleven months without news, we finally got our hands on a new version of eMule. The popular P2P client features a bunch of new features and improved functions, such as a revamped Kad protocol, flood protection and spam filters among others, as well as a special “obfuscation” option to prevent your ISP from blocking your file transfers.

DialecticAre you the proud owner of at least half a dozen phones? Do you spend your days on the telephone? Then you probably need to find a way of converging all of your devices. Dialectic allows you to control your landline, mobile phones and even VoIP applications from one application, which can dial numbers for you and save them in any contact application. A real productivity boost!

Mobile instant messaging is easier than you thinkYou don’t have to just use your phone for calling and SMS messaging, you know. You can also chat via instant messaging, just as you would do on your home computer. IM+ enables you to do this and boasts support for all the major IM networks, including AOL, Google Talk, MSN, Jabber and ICQ. You can even set up simultaneous connections to all these systems.

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