Todays downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Sins of a Solar EmpireWindows: Are you tired of castles and soldiers historical strategy games? Give the genre a twist with Sins of a Solar Empire, a real-time strategy game set in outer space. Command your spaceship troops and explore other planets while struggling to manage resources properly and taking your civilization to the highest levels of social and scientific development.

DejumbleMac: If you have a busy schedule, staying on top of tasks is crucial. Dejumble is a menu bar item which lets you not only create your own tasks, but also view them in a list, add tags and enter notes. The application integrates with iCal, so your tasks are stored there too, and comes in a simple floating window which can be launched quickly from the menu bar.

Blast the clay to piecesPocket PC: If you’re anything like me then you’ve always dreamed about living in a world entirely made out of clay. Well, now you can thanks to Platypus, a side-scrolling shooter where all the game’s elements are made from clay. You take command of a doughy spacecraft and must blast invaders out of the sky. Watch out for the splatty explosions – they’re out of this world!

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