Todays downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download TweakNow WinSecretWindows: Though Windows is relatively easy to customize, there are still a few options that remain hidden under unknown menus. TweakNow WinSecret unveils them all in an attractive, well organized interface where you’ll be able to tweak all sorts of special Windows settings concerning appearance, security and behavior.

Sudoku AdeptMac: The Sudoku fad may have been replaced by all the brain training games popping up everywhere, but Sudoku is still pretty popular, and remains a very enjoyable logic game. SudokuAdept is great for beginners as it features loads of settings to help you finish off your sudoku and adjustable difficulty levels, great to help you progress.

GPS TunerMobile: Looking to travel during the weekend? GPS Tuner offers high precision measurements to show you detailed maps. The application works very well whether you are on the road, out on a boat, hiking in the mountains or even flying. GPS Tuner also makes it very easy to manage, modify, import and export your waypoints.

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