Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download Abrosoft FantaMorphApply an eye-catching morphing effect to your pictures with Abrosoft FantaMorph! Simply select your source and target images, add transition dots and let the program do the rest. Its latest version, 4.0.2, includes new morphing control tools, full screen mode, support for captions and an intelligent memory manager, among other new features.

Presentations are a breeze with ProfCastIf you’ve always been a nervous public speaker, or if you don’t have time to physically attend a meeting or lecture you’re supposed to be giving then try ProfCastfor Mac. The program is great for recording and publishing your live Keynote or Powerpoint presentation. All the elements of your presentation, including slide timing and voice narration are recorded.

Throw some light on the subjectI’m forever bumping into things when I get up to answer calls of nature in the night. Thanks to NiceLight I no longer wake up covered in bruises the next morning, as the software turns your phone into a portable flashlight. There are three different light settings to choose from, including one for reading, one for full-scale illumination and another for displaying your clock more clearly.

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