Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Smooth Ubuntu HumanWindows: If you like the way Ubuntu looks but don’t feel like migrating to a new operating system, don’t worry: you can still get the Ubuntu look and feel in your Windows computer with the Smooth Ubuntu Human visual theme. It features everything you need, from fonts to wallpapers, to make your XP look just like the most popular Linux distro.

Connect360Mac: Want to share your iPhoto and iTunes libraries on your Xbox 360? Connect360 is the perfect tool for the job. This little preference pane item lets you easily browse through iTunes and iPhoto and stream live internet radio. Through the preference pane item you get to see if the Xbox is well connected and that iTunes and iPhoto are in sync. Absolutely necessary if you own a Mac and an Xbox360!

Play the Rubix cube on your phoneJava: If you were around in the 80s then you’re sure to remember one of the greatest inventions of that era – the Rubix cube. Rubix Redux is a mobile game that plays in a similar way to the original only this time you only need to rotate the blocks on horizontal and vertical axes, so that every row or column is the same color.

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