Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Q-DirWindows: If the standard Windows Explorer is too limited for you, you need an advanced file manager like Q-Dir. Thanks to its multi-pane interface with customizable layouts and file color codes, you can move and copy files or folders in a much easier and faster way. Plus, it doesn’t require installation and can be conveniently run from a USB key.

CurbMac: The following program is also related to USB keys. Curb lets you clean the trash from your removable media. Drag and drop your key icon onto its interface and it takes care of trashing files for you. You have four different options for secure removal (including 35 pass!) of the files, making this a simple yet secure solution to trash files from USB keys.

Revamp your Windows Mobile interfaceDon’t get me wrong, I think the Pocket PC platform is awesome but, like many people, I find it a little cumbersome sometimes and the fact that I have to tap tiny icons. Pointui Home changes all that, skinning the Windows Mobile interface and allowing you to control your device’s basic features using your fingers.

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