Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download FireNesWindows: If you’re tired of working, why not relaxing for a while? FireNes is the perfect Firefox extension for a short break, featuring more than 2,500 Nintendo games from the good old NES times. Simply select the game of your choice from the sidebar and launch it. When you’re finished – or when the boss approaches you – simply close the window and keep on working!

CandyBarMac: If you have a sweet tooth for icons then CandyBar is what you need. This beautiful piece of software will allow you to customize all the icons on your Mac and keep them well organized thanks to Pixadex. You can create smart lists and collections and quickly find any icon. But CandyBar doesn’t stop at icons. You’ll also be able to use it tweak your Dock. Sweet no?

Easier typing on your Pocket PCPocket PC: I don’t know about you but I find typing on my Pocket PC a real chore. I don’t have particularly fat fingers and yet I still have trouble hitting the right keys on the keys. Step forward ZoomBoard, which provides you with a choice of two new keyboard skins designed to facilitate quicker, more accurate typing.

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