Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download ErgoNotesWindows: Organize your life in a more productive way and make the most of your time with ErgoNotes, a handy notes manager that lets you keep track of important dates and events, organize ideas during a brainstorming session or jot down any interesting information. Notes are conveniently categorized in a tree-like structure with support for alarms and encryption.

CentsMac: Cents is a little menu bar item that lets you keep track of small sums. You can type in any entry, then hover over the menu bar item to see the full sum. Cents is a nice alternative to personal finance managers, which can be a little complex. Instead of losing tracks of your spendings, try out Cents.

Don’t call me ‘cute’Smartphone: Don’t be fooled into thinking that rabbits are just harmless little fluffy creatures. Give Rabbit Wars a try and you’ll discover that they’re actually hate-filled, machine-gun-wielding warriors who will stop at nothing in their pursuit of carrots. This is one of the most fun mobile military strategy games you’ll ever play!

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