Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download ToobleWindows: If you want to copy Youtube videos to your iPod you have two main options: one is doing the whole process manually by yourself using two or three different programs, and the other is using Tooble, a simple app that grabs the video from Youtube, converts it to MP4 and sends it straight away to iTunes. Easy as pie!

sketchbox.pngMac: SketchBox actually makes scribbling sticky notes fun. The app lets you write, draw and even put up alarms on your notes. Thanks to a great interface you can store all of them in folders, search for them and even preview notes all in one go. If you’re looking for a new notes manager I really recommend SketchBox. Give it a try and see for yourself.

iPhone music player functionality on your Pocket PCPocket PC: Fancy replicating the iPhone’s uber-cool music player on your Windows Mobile device? Then get hold of FlipSide, an MP3 player with the same navigation system as the famous Apple product. You can scroll effortlessly through your music by flicking through the album artwork in the player’s animated interface.

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