Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download TorenkeyWindows: eMule is a great program to share files but it’s not that good when it comes to managing torrents. This is why Torenkey was born: to provide an eMule clone created by the same developers, but which handles torrent downloads in a more convenient way, also achieving a higher speed.

RapidWeaverMac: Want to have your own website but don’t know anything about design or coding,? Don’t panic. Using RapidWeaver you can get your own site up in minutes. Choose one of the great themes available, enter your own text and images and publish to your own FTP or .Mac account. RapidWeaver offers a simple interface and flexible customizing of PHP, XHTML and CSS.

Shoot the baddies to oblivionPocket PC: If you’re a fan of classic games like Space Invaders or Glaxian, you’ll simply love Distant Galaxies. The game sees you assume the role of a spaceship that must blast other alien craft into oblivion. Watch out, because the amount of baddies in this one is immense. Oh, and watch out for the bosses – they’re mighty tough!

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