Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Ad-Aware 2008Windows: There are many anti-malware tools, but none as popular as Ad-Aware. This powerful security app protects your system from all sorts of intrusive elements that put your privacy to risk. Its new version, Ad-Aware 2008, features enhanced threat detection tools, embedded anti-virus and a better resource management.

PulpMotion AdvancedMac: Today’s pick is PulpMotion Advanced, a more powerful take of the program with the same name. PulpMotion Advanced offers the same sleek and intuitive interface, that allows you to make professional looking slideshows. An excellent choice of themes, perfect interaction with programs like iPhoto or Lightroom and easy exporting in all sorts of ways make this an excellent pick.

Conquer the world on your mobileSymbian: If you’re a fan of games like Civilization and Populus and fancy playing God while you’re sat on the bus then get hold of Revival. This military-style strategy game sees you build up a community from scratch and expand in your effort to conquer the seven planets. It’s packed with great graphics and is perfect for megalomaniacs everywhere.

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