Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download Last.fmWindows: Being often referred to as the starting point of a complete social music revolution, the popular online music player has reached version with some interesting features, such as support for embedding the player on your own website, support for playlists and new interactive charts, among others.

ScreenShadeMac: Not satisfied by the brightness controls on your Mac? ScreenShade is much more powerful. It can dim your screen completely or make it very bright, ideal for low light conditions. The application is accessible from the menu bar and brightness can be set via a slider or automatically by ScreenShade.

Watch movies and TV on your phoneJava: The days when your video player was as big as your car are long gone, and now technology has improved so much that you even can watch films and TV clips from your mobile phone. Mobile Media Maker allows you to transfer DVDs and videos from your computer onto your handset with amazing ease, through it’s wizard-based user interface.

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