Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download uTorrent BetaWindows: You probably know uTorrent already – one of the most popular BitTorrent clients. Now you can have a look at uTorrent 1.8 Beta, a testing version that lets you try the program’s new features while they’re being developed. Of course, this version keeps the same characteristics as its predecessors: a compact, easy to use yet powerful client for your torrents.

DjayMac:  Those of you who enjoy DJing at parties will probably want to install Djay for Mac. The application offers perfect iTunes integration to drag and drop your tracks on the turntables, a mixer, echo and reverb effects and a basic sampler. You can record your mixes and include a microphone. Great for parties.

Organize your photos on your phoneSymbian: Most of us take pictures on our mobile phones these days but often browsing these on your device can be a tiresome process. Not with SplashPhoto though, as it allows you to quickly arrange images on your handset for individual or slideshow viewing. It even includes software for synchronizing photos with your desktop.

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