Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Elena Santos


Download TweetDeckWindows: are you tired of having to open the Twitter homepage, login and then write every time you want to update your Twitter? Try TweetDeck and it’ll be much easier. This sleek Twitter client is based on Adobe Air and offers you all the functionality of Twitter right on your desktop. Plus, it organizes your twitts and contacts to make them easier to handle.

iPSPMac: Don’t know how to transfer media from your PSP to your Mac and back? iPSP offers a friendly interface to sync everything from movies to sounds,  browser bookmarks and gamesaves easily. It even includes a homebrew section where you can load any PSP game or utility that you’ve developed, edit them and select the format. iPSP also gives you an idea of what data is stored your PSP and how much space it takes.

Protect your personal information with SplashIDBlackberry: Keeping records of your personal ID infromation can be a bit of a risk. Not with SplashID though, which provides quick and easy access to sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit cards, PINs, calling card numbers, insurance info and more. Data is stored in a secure, encrypted, password protected format for your security.

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