Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Cyril Roger


MoneyWellMac: In times of crisis like these, managing your personal finances well is crucial. Luckily the Mac offers a wealth of excellent personal finance managers like MoneyWell. Organize your income and expenses in buckets and create multiple amounts to which you can allocate precise amounts of money. MoneyWell also displays clear charts to always have an eye on your finances.

Download doPDFWindows: If you ever need to create PDF documents there’s no need to use expensive paid-for software tools. Simply download doPDF and turn any standard Windows application into a PDF creation tool – as long as it supports printing. The program’s latest version has improved some of its functions and is now even easier to use.

Kick and chop your way to gloryPocket PC:  If you fancy yourself as the next Bruce Lee then you can now put your skills to the test while you’re sat on the bus, thanks to Kung-Fu Master. Your mission is to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend by fighting off the bevy of bad guys that are intent on stopping you. Also available for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

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