Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

download Mz Ultimate TweakerWindows: If you want to keep your system in perfect shape, look no further. Mz Ultimate Tweaker features a complete collection of tweaks and tools you can use to improve the computer’s performance in many different aspects with a minimum effort: tweak Windows, boost CPU and RAM, optimize the Registry and more!

AppDeleteMac: Need to erase a program and all associated files? Easy, just drag and drop the application onto the AppDelete icon. This application will find all associated files for you, after which it’s just a case of selecting what you want to keep or not. And so you don’t commit mistakes AppDelete keeps a log of everything you’ve removed.

Design graphics on your Pocket PCPocket PC: If you cannot stand to be away from your digital illustration tools then check out this fabulous Pocket PC application. Vspainter lets you transform yourself into some sort of 21st Century Van Gogh, allowing you to accessing advanced design and illustration tools from the palm of your hand. The customisable interface makes it very easy to set up your own workspace.

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