Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Download Letter Rack 3DWindows: if you like word puzzles in general and Scrabble in particular, you’re going to love Letter Rack 3D. This awesome three-dimensional puzzle challenges you to achieve the highest score by creating words, just like the original board game. Letter Rack 3D features highly realistic graphics and a multilingual dictionary to which you can add new words.

Audio Hijack ProMac: Looking to record sound from any piece of software or hardware? Audio Hijack Pro can get the job done for you. The application creates automated actions for each program. You can then add any effect from the large library available and choose one of the preset audio formats to export the sound. It really works with anything so there are no limits to what you can do with.

Manage your contacts iPhone-stylePocket PC: The scrolling contacts function is one of my favourite features of the iPhone. Now you can replicate the effect on your Pocket PC thanks to PocketCM. The app lets you list all the contacts on your device using only your finger as a resource. You can apply filters for even faster access (again, all done with just one finger) and there are lots of contact managing tools.

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