Today’s downloads for Windows, Mac and Mobile

Improve your Gmail experienceWindows: Gmail is great and everything, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. As the name suggests, Better Gmail lets you enhancement your Google Mail experience by adding new functionality to your inbox, customizing its appearance, and generally improving your productivity. Best of all, the application is free to download and install!

MathusalemMac: I love how easy it is to work with Time Machine, Leopard’s new backup system. In a way though, it lacks proper settings. Mathusalem 1.0 b11 gives you all these advanced options you might be looking for. You can choose an external server to send to, archive and password-protect your files, set schedules for automatic backups and exclude paths and directories. If you want to give more power to Time Machine, Mathusalem is the way to go.

Get quicker access to applications from your Today screenPhones: Ever wished you could access your tasks and appointments more quickly on your phone? Well, now you can do so instantly, from your Today screen using this impressive Windows Mobile add-on. Facade 1.4.8 adds several new icons to your home screen that provide you with quicker access to your applications and system information.

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