Tools to backup Outlook

Outlook logoAs one of the most widely used mail clients, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most important pieces of software used in the workplace but how many people ever take time to backup their mail and associated files? Although internal servers often perform their own backups within offices, recovering vital information that way is time consuming and not always reliable. Genie Outlook Express Backup is one of my favourites because it backups your Outlook profile i.e. rules, signatures, address book etc into a simple to execute EXE file. However it only works on Microsoft Outlook Express.

A tool designed specifically for Outlook is ABF Outlook Backup which comprehensively backs-up everything from messages to attachments. It can be set to synchronize and backup Outlook periodically meaning you’ve got no excuses for losing vital data. If you’re working on both Outlook and Outlook Express then you’d be best to use PicoBackup which comes fully equipped for backing up contents of both programs and even allows you to burn the results to disk in a few clicks.

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