Tools to bring out the poet in you



Poetry words I’ve never been much of a poetry fan although as I get older, I’m growing to appreciate it more. I guess part of the reason for this is that poetry is often about trying to describe and reflect deeper issues of life and meaning that you don’t really appreciate when you’re younger. However, while I’m growing an appreciation for reading it, I’d never dream of writing it.

If you’re simply lacking inspiration to get your poems out, then you can use a number of software tools to help you. VersePerfect is a good starting point as it has been written by experienced poets and helps you find that illusive rhyming word that you’ve spent all day trying to find. If it’s good enough to get a write-up in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, then it’s good enough for me. Virtual Poet meanwhile is an interesting if slightly simpler alternative aimed more at those that want something to help format and organise their poems. It’s designed more for short and sweet poems but features around 60,000 words to help them flow well.

If you’re a true poet at heart, then you’ll probably find computers a rather sterile tool with which to let your words flow. But before you pick up your pen and quill, try Visual Typewriter which replicates a real typewriter for a more authentic writing experience. And if you’re an old romantic, then light a candle and use Love Quotes to get your creative juices flowing and watch your loved one melt at your words.

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