Tools to dress up Windows XP

Tools to dress up Windows XP

Customize Windows XPAfter spending so many hours sitting in front of your computer day after day, you’ve probably grown tired of its standard Windows XP appearance and feel like changing it in some way. Lucky you, there are plenty of software tools that can help you change the way XP looks and even make it resemble a completely different operating system.

To begin with, you may apply some easy, subtle changes such as using a different theme color. Both the Royale Noir XP and the Royale Remixed themes are an excellent choice for a dark, sleek Windows XP look. Another good way to start modding your XP is by replacing standard icons with new ones, using an application like IconTweaker or an icon pack like Vista Ultimate Icons. Finally, you can also change your desktop wallpaper and get a fresher look almost immediately. Vistamizer Windows Vista Wallpaper Pack and Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Pack are two great wallpaper collections you can use for this purpose.

But if you’re looking for a full revamp, then you should turn to complete visual themes that can make your Windows XP look like another totally different OS – without giving up on XP. So if you want to have Windows Vista, you may use Vistamizer; if you prefer the Apple style, you can install FlyakiteOSX; and if you’d like a more open-source appearance, get Ubuntu XP.

There are other software tools that can help you customize Windows XP look&feel, but they do more than just updating the wallpaper, changing icons or coloring the toolbar. Apps like Windowblinds or Aston replace the Windows shell completely and let you enjoy a brand-new computer – at least in appearance – without having to upgrade hardware.

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