Tools to help in the fight against corruption

Corrupted hard drive imageCorruption is not just something isolated to politics. It’s also something that can affect your PC and ruin your hard drive or files for good. The scary thing about it is that it can happen at almost any moment. Particularly if you’ve got an old hard drive or you’ve suffered from a virus at some stage, there’s a good chance that files could corrupt meaning that you simply can’t open them anymore.

There are many tools out there however that can help you rescue corrupted files and drives, depending on the file type and how badly damaged they really are. One of the most powerful is Magic Recovery Professional which works on all NTFS drives which is so through, that it’s even used in criminal investigations to ascertain exactly what may have corrupted a drive and to repair it. It’s not only hard drives and files that corrupt however – your registry can also corrupt which can cause general problems with your PC such as slow performance, frequent crashes and program errors. If you think that some of your registry entries may be damaged, Registry Mechanic is widely recognised as one of the most powerful and effective registry scanners and repairers.

One of the most common types of file to corrupt are Microsoft Word files and there’s nothing worse than spending hours or even days on a document to find that you can no longer open it. Word Repair can’t guarantee to recover your corrupted Word Files – in fact it only works in around 50% of cases – but it’s definitely worth a shot if the worst has happened to you. Another frequent victim of corruption are PDF documents and if you’re receiving a message that your PDF file is unreadable or may be corrupt, then PDF Repair is your answer. Finally, if your precious photos that are seemingly corrupted and no longer readable, Digital Photo Recovery 3 is a free tool which can help you recover corrupted photos on both your hard drive and removable memory cards.

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