Tools to help you get more out of YouTube

YouTube logoYouTube has become such a phenomenon that it has spawned a whole industry of software related apps that are designed to enhance your uploading, downloading and general viewing experience. By far, the most saturated area is that of downloaders which attempt to speed-up and improve downloading of YouTube clips with varying degrees of efficiency and success.

There are many other tools however that help you get more out of YouTube. One of the most useful is Free YouTube to Mp3 Converter which allows you to save any YouTube audio to Mp3 in one click. This is great for classic movie soundbytes or rare interviews that you want to listen to later on your Mp3 device. Equally useful, especially if you’re going to try and edit your footage, is YouTube FLV to AVI Easy Converter which as the name suggests, takes YouTube videos in their native FLV format and turns them into AVI files. The other advantage of this is that you can pick and choose which media player you want to watch your clips on.

If you don’t want to have lots of separate utilities for YouTube, then Axara YouTube Tools is a good bet. This package consists of a number of tools, mainly aimed at converting and downloading in one package. The good thing about this program is that everything is taken care of at once and it converts to iPod, WMV and 3GP formats amongst others. Meanwhile, if it is downloading that remains your number one activity on YouTube, you probably need something that can take care of more than one job at once unlike most downloaders. In this case, YouTube Batch Downloader is a good solution for batch downloads but even better in my opinion is YouTube Robot which even allows you to schedule YouTube downloads when new clips are uploaded.

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