Tools to make you invisible

Invisible ManIf you share a PC, then it’s hard to maintain any level of privacy on your hard drive. However, from hiding personal files to covering your internet tracks, there are various tools out there that can effectively render your PC use ‘invisible’.

Invisible Secrets is an excellent solution for those that want to disguise private files in another format or make them disappear completely. Alternatively, you can apply encryption methods to your most precious files that intruders will find hard to break. If you’re having problems with a pesky hacker whilst connected to a network, try Kaspersky Anti-Hacker which can make your PC invisible to potential invaders. If you’re a home user, then ZoneAlarm Anti-Spyware does exactly the same thing – particularly useful if you’ve found your Firewall either ineffective or inefficient.

If you want to surf the PC without leaving evidence of your IP address, then Hide IP Platinum ensures that it remains invisible by using a proxy near to you. Finally, if you’re looking for the real thing, then Magic Academy claims to be able to give you psychic powers that allow you to see invisible objects (but don’t take our word for it).

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