Tools to take you to the moon and back

Tools to take you to the moon and back

MoonMy grandma believed until the day she died that the moon landing was completely faked saying it was absolute “codswallop”. Whether you believe Armstrong really did make one giant leap for mankind in 1969, the moon did and still does retain a fascination and mystique that fascinates cultures far and wide.

One of the most important aspects of the moon, and its effect on the Earth is of course, is its gravitational pull. The moon controls the rise and fall of the ocean’s tides, plus according to who you believe, can also affect your own moods and emotions. The film Teenwolf even suggested it could turn you into a wolf on full-moon. If you want to follow the moon’s orbit daily (or are a teenager worried that you may be turning into a wolf), then MoonMenu does all the hard work for you based on your current timezone and location on the Earth – excellent for those that are on the move. It also includes a whole host of other information such as when the next full moon is, the next quarter moon and when it will rise. If you need more in depth information about the moon’s solar path and patterns, then Dr.Regener Sun-Moon-Calendar goes into more detail with some nice graphics to boot.

If you believe that, in combination with other planets, the moon has a bearing on your destiny, then you’ll need something that takes into account the orbits of all the other planets. In which case, AstroMart generates your own personal astrological chart depending on where the moon, and other planets are in their orbits. If on the other hand you lean more towards the Chinese Lunar Calendar, which is totally different, then Chinese Calendrics will calculate the right astrological charts for you.

Of course maybe you don’t you’re not interested if the moon is full, quarter or even a lump of cheese but you do like the look of it. If so, Actual Moon 3D allows you to appreciate it in all it’s splendour when your PC goes into screensaver mode with real-time stats on it’s orbit based on your location.

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