Tools to transfer your podcasts

podcast-logo.pngPodcasts are one of the best ways of communicating with large audiences very cheaply but the problem is that most people want to listen to them while they are on the move rather than on their desktop PC. Unless you are downloading Podcasts directly onto your mobile device, you’ll need to transfer them regularly from your PC. To help you do this, you can use a number of utilities dedicated to the task.

Probably the best of them all is PodPlus which is designed especially for transfers to iPods. In actual fact, this is the ultimate iPod management tool because it transfers everything from e-mails to images to your iPod but the Podcast manager allows you to easily see what you’ve downloaded, what genre it is and whether you’ve listened to it yet or not. Of course, the ideal scenario would be to have Podcasts delivered directy to your mobile device. jsiPodFetch doesn’t exactly fulfill this role but it comes close. It automatically downloads Podcasts that you’ve added to it’s RSS lists and then as soon as you connect your mobile device, it transfers them automatically without prompting – this includes devices other than the iPod too.

For something simple, although not as automated as jsiPodFetch, take a look at Juice (iPodder) which again, focuses on the iPod by automatically downloading Podcasts but requires you to manually transfer them once done. Finally, iPod2PC is designed with iTunes in mind. It enables you to transfer and replace Podcasts downloaded in iTunes in a slightly more sophisiticated way than iTunes itself allowing you to sort Podcasts by many different criteria and batch transferring several at once.

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