Tools to vectorize your images

Tools to vectorize your images

Vectorization exampleYesterday I gave you some tips on the weird and wonderful world of fractals. Today, I’m having a look at vectorizing which similarly applies mathematical principles to images, usually to allow you to zoom-in and enhance images with no visible loss of quality. This is as oppose to simply blowing-up bitmap images on your screen which turn out to be blurry or pixelated.

Aglolab Photo Vector is one of the original tools for this task and popular amongst CAD professionals to cleanup images. By allowing them to enhance, in high detail, specific aspects of drawings and images, the program allows them to produce more accurate and professional results. A more advanced program is MAGIX Xtreme Photo and Graphic Designer which offers more complex editing of both bitmap and vector images. Of course, probably the ulitimate tool for vectorizing graphics and images is Adobe Photoshop although be warned that like any of the programs advanced imaging functions, it takes more than a few hours to get to grips with vectorizing.

If you’re looking for a lightweight and most importantly, free solution, then Vectorian Giotto Light is is a quick and easy GIF and JPG animator which can also handle vectors and allows you to create some pretty cool animations. If you’re just getting started with vector imaging, check out this short video tutorial about how to turn a JPG image into a vector:


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